Saturday, 18 July 2009

[40k army list] Ultramarines

ok, just a quick escape from summer's laziness to ask: what do you think?

chaplain: power fist (on land raider)


tactical squad: sergeant with melta bombs, meltagun, lascannon (combat squad on razorback)
razorback: extra armour, twin linked lascannon, dozer blade
tactical squad: plasmagun, plasma cannon
tactical squad: sergeant with power fist, flamer, missile launcher (on land raider)

bike squadron: 5 bikes, sergeant with power sword, plasmagun x2+assault bike with multimelta
land speeder squadron: 2 speeders with multimelta

predator destructor: autocannon, heavy bolter x2, extra armour
land raider: godhammer pattern (lascannons and heavy bolter), extra armour


  1. Ultramarines with Chaplain. Cassius is the only choice.

  2. yeah that's true, in fact i'm want to add him

  3. What's the point total?

    It seems a little all over the place.

    You've got a Chaplain with a tactical squad in a regular land Raider. That's ~550 points that's at real cross-purposes. The Land Raider wants to sit back and shoot, the Tactical Marines want to run up and rapid-fire/flame something, and the Chaplain wants to lead them into an assault (from the Land Raider that wants to sit back and shoot...).

    I like the bike squad, though I would swap out the plasma guns for meltaguns or flamers (probably meltaguns, since you've the attack bike in there). I'd also take a powerfist over a power weapon; though I'd think more about going naked-sarge, since bikes really aren't that hot in melee unless it's a costly, tooled-up command squad.

    I think your Land Speeders and Predator are just about perfect; I think I'd lose the extra armor on the predator (since moving it cuts its firepower, and it's best off just placed where the front AV13 absorbs the fire), and consider heavy flamers on the speeders if you can free up the points.

    For the Razorback Squad...that's a bloody expensive razorback; you could probably get another Predator for that cost. I think if you're going to sink that kind of points into a Razorback, I'd just go with a vanilla 5-man marine squad and a lascannon/plasma gun razorback, and make it your objective-camper. Otherwise, you've got a very expensive anti-tank weapon on a vehicle that wants to roll up and shoot, and it's AV11.

    In general, you've got some nasty stuff in there, but the list feels unfocused. I would suggest...

    1) Lose the extra armor on the Predator (15 points freed up)

    2) Lose the extra armor on the Land Raider (15 more points), and seriously consider converting to a Crusader w/ pintle multi-melta.

    3) Consider trimming down the points on the Razorback; consider even going for a Rhino for it.

    4) If you want to get more troops, consider dropping the Chaplain for a Commander on bike w/ Relic Blade; he makes your other bikes scoring, and then he can roll with them and hide with them until it's useful for him to zoom into assault.

    5) IF you're going to keep the Land Raider, consider something like Terminators for cargo. 200 points for 5 assault termiantors + 120ish for Cassius is still a lot of eggs in one basket, but at least the basket becomes more damaging.

    I think it's a good start, but again, you could focus it and tighten it a bit more.



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