Wednesday, 6 May 2009

some fantasy stuff

today i wanna show you some minis i've painted for my d&d games: Mithril's gimli & legolas, you can find them here:
i've bought these ones long ago (2001 circa) in Lucca comics & games fair (amazing fair near Ligury, in Tuscany) and paited only recently, let's say one year ago more or less. maybe more.
i like these miniatures, they are very consistent with the description of the characters given in the LOTR books and display a sort of old school clothing, you know, like the characters of Elmore's paintings. the bad thing is that they have much less details than Citadel's and also that silly metal built in base... i prefere the plastic slottabase. what do you think? do you own any Mithril miniature?

1 comment:

  1. Looks good. I have a heavy box full of half-painted Mithril miniatures. I got them in the early 90s. I tried painting them again recently, but I gave up. For LOTR I prefer Vendel's stuff, but I can't bring myself to selling them Mithril figs.



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