Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Panther approaching!

2nd FoW post.
this time we've got a original Battlefront tank, scale 1:100. i've planned to deploy this beauty with my SS panzergrenadier kompanie, as regimental support or something like that.

Battlefront tanks are really detailed, the hull is made of resin, while tracks, weapons and other details are metallic. note how resin makes the Zimmerit finish realistic.

as i previously said, this model will represent a Panther A from some company of the 2nd SS panzerdivision Das Reich, active in Normandy, after D-Day. it will follow Cobra rules. i gotta choose a camo scheme for it, any suggestion?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hexagonal bases!!!

do you remember those hexagonal slottabases that came with Talisman's miniatures, back in the 80s? well, i have them! i bought them at Gateshead Gaming. i'm planning to use them for my Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, in order to spare my round bases for 40k. what a blast from the past!
[in the picture: Aenur, the sword of twilight, still WIP]


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