Sunday, 14 June 2009

who remembers Battle Masters?

here's a chaos archer from the old Milton Bradley's Battle Masters... another blast from the past! i painted it to represent a magically twisted ranger in our usual D&D campaign. i love it even if it is a poorly detailed miniature.


  1. Many good times playing that game. Brings back a lot of memories of the taking up the entire floor of a room and pulling those cards to see who would get to go. We had Dave the Ogre, since my best friend's dad apparently named it after himself when he would play the game with us.

  2. Hello,

    I found your blog looking for painted Battle Masters figures to model mine after. I'm about to dig my old copy out of storage to use for painting practice. If I get halfway decent I'm going to work on other games, like Dungeonquest (another oldie, still gets played!) and the beautiful Space Hulk 3rd edition eventually. Well thanks for posting these. They look pretty darn good! Hope to see more.

  3. thank you Angva, you'll see soon more even if i'm currently working on other stuff, just keep in touch!
    if you are interested in Hero Quest stuff you can see there's also a bit of it in my blog



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