Thursday, 22 October 2009

Valhallan standard bearer (part 2)

finally here it is the black/red banner from which this blog takes name! this is a simple conversion made from the valhallan sergeant, replacing the bolt pistol with a cadian pattern lasgun with space marines' bajonet and the chainsword with the banner staff.the flag is taken from the undead skeletons sprue and glued horizontally, not vertically as it was meant to be. the banner pole is made from the eagles of the armoured vehicles sprue.this flag bears the insigna of the Valhallan 34th regiment "Ironwill" as you can read on the other side.i've added lots of markings (victory? honours?) to show a "veteran" taste. the basing is made with tiled plasticard, it gives a great citifight fashion, and some citadel modelling snow... in fact this guy is from valhalla, not catachan!


  1. I really like the way you are combining transfers. The flag looks great.

  2. Sorry for the "thread-o-mancy", but I was compelled to comment on this awesome conversion. That standard is wonderful, from the conversions to the painting to the use of decals.

    Well done!



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