Thursday, 30 July 2009

some notes on detailing

what do you do when it comes to detail your 40k squaddies? when i say "detail" i don't mean the highlighting process but a more complex issue like making soldiers look as veterans or "somehow real", not a mere plastic toy.
in my opinion it's not so simple, so i'd like to have your advice. these pictures are about a tactical squad of my army:
1) above you can see my veteran sergeant, Traianus. i painted his banner in a simple but different way than the standard Ultramarines' tactical banner (i think you all know which one): a winged U with some Roman lightnings... very old rome-legion-looking. here's a closeup: it isn't very precise nor clean but seen from a certain distance i'd say it's kinda good.
2) the next guy is the squad commander Marinus. in order to make him look like that i painted a sort of iron halo on the chapter heraldry and i added a pair of seals.
in addition, as i think he must look like a sort of "old one", i gave him a weathered old bolter (the 2nd edition one, with a very "square" look and "open magazine) instead of a new one, paited with a checker pattern; it can be meant like a killcount or whatever... it looks very Ultra.
3) last but not least: Alexander the plasmagunner! since he bears the mk4 maximus pattern power armour i modelled him like a pre-heresy marine: checker pattern on the left leg (killcount?)...
trimless right shoulder pad, horizontal arrows instead of vertical, of course with roman numeral...
a pair of laurels next to the chapter heraldry, they mean he accomplished some mission...what do you think? what about your detailing works?

so, that's all for now. today i'm gonna leave italy for some time (this year i really deserve holiday)... but stay tuned and please spread the URL of my blog and support it if you like. see you soon, have a nice summer!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Tactical squad Caesar

final goodie before leaving for holiday: one of the 3 tactical squads of my Ultramarines army! as you can see they are painted in a true oldschool fashion, i really loved all the 2nd edition space marines and the way 'Eavy Metal team painted them. everyone has its chapter livery and tactical markings, with squad number, of course. i am a tidy guy.
- the banner is hand painted: i'm not that satisfied about it
- these miniatures date back 1999 or so
- one marine comes from "armour through ages" mailorder box
- lascannon is the metal one
- the bare head is from the captain sprue, i suppose
- the sergeant is the old sergeant with auxiliary grenade launcher, back from 2nd edition, bought when i was 14... damn, time flies, as Gorilla Biscuits say...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

[40k army list] Ultramarines

ok, just a quick escape from summer's laziness to ask: what do you think?

chaplain: power fist (on land raider)


tactical squad: sergeant with melta bombs, meltagun, lascannon (combat squad on razorback)
razorback: extra armour, twin linked lascannon, dozer blade
tactical squad: plasmagun, plasma cannon
tactical squad: sergeant with power fist, flamer, missile launcher (on land raider)

bike squadron: 5 bikes, sergeant with power sword, plasmagun x2+assault bike with multimelta
land speeder squadron: 2 speeders with multimelta

predator destructor: autocannon, heavy bolter x2, extra armour
land raider: godhammer pattern (lascannons and heavy bolter), extra armour

Sunday, 12 July 2009

brand new Space Wolves

i just got up and i found this in the email... do you like it? neat begginning for a new day isn't it?


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