Monday, 27 April 2009

oldies part 2

another load of new (old) painted stuff:
the infamous colonel shaeffer of the 13th penal legion... urban camo scheme for him to match colours of my imperial guard veterans. since in fifth edition codex he hasn't got any rule i guess i'm gonna play him as a normal vet sarge. i love his german ww2 fashioned cap but, despite this, i think it is a greatly overvalued miniature.
this is a nice one: imperial guard commissar back from early 90s, 1990-91 i guess. extremely charismatic miniature, but also extremely simple, a must have for my army! note the sunglasses, the oversized peaked cap and the medals... Not a step back!
in the end here's a real goodie: 3 of the 4 heroes of heroquest tabletop game (best tabletop game ever)... who doesn't remeber them? there isn't the wizard because his right arm is broken so i've got to fix it before painting... dunno how. in 1990 i was six and i loved this game: i used to play it with some friends who owned it. last year i missed so much this game so i bought it on ebay... now i'm happy :-)

see you!

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  1. Very, very nice! It's good to see these guys in something other than red plastic. I too had HeroQuest as a kid. My mom found (and mailed me) the complete box while cleaning out their basement. It was very exciting to see the thing after so many years. I scratch-built some beds, and I'm buying some new dungeon furniture from Mega Miniatures.



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