Wednesday, 29 April 2009

ultramarines armoured spearhead

hi guys, today i want to show you my beloved ultramarines tanks. first of all the older one, my predator mk2 (1996 circa). as you can see it is set with the destructor pattern (autocannon and sponson heavy bolters), he's cheap and effective also with MEQ. i modeled some riveted extra armour and replaced the original turret-mounted twin linked lascannon with a magnetized autocannon from the new predator weapons sprue. the bretonnian shield with the rampant lion on (from 6th edition warhammer fantasy boxed set, i suppose) was put there to show he's a veteran from some very old campaigns, as you can also see from the company designation painted on turret. on the right side i sculpted a ultramarine symbol with milliput put it's not that good.
the second tank is a razorback (assigned to the III tactical squad Caesar, second company but who cares?), armed with a twin linked lascannon. the top hatch is of course magnetized in order to turn this tank in a rhino whenever i may need. also in this case i scratch built the extra armour but reinventing the shape of the tank: i tried to emphasize a lav-25 fashion (without wheel of course). please notice the rear hatch detail, i don't know where it came from because it is a second hand tank but i believe it's a resin detail from Forge world. in addition i sculpted something by myself, on both sides of the tank.
last but not least: rhino apc (assigned to the V tactical squad Scipio, second company but, again, who cares?). also here the top hatch is magnetized and fully interchangeable with razorback's. i made a different type of riveted extra armour also creating some extra room for the driver (in a similar fashion of an old sisterhood tank if you remember), put a magnetized imperial guard dozer blade and an amazing-looking coloured adeptus mechanicus tank-guy (because i like to think my ultras are antiracist).

that's all for now!


  1. I think they look sweet! those Mk2 are a classic!

  2. My compliments!!! The dozer blade of the rhino is fantastic, I'll paint my dozer blade in the same way!

  3. Wow! Old school Preditor, nice. I haven't seen one of those in awhile. I think they make for excellent Chaos Preditors.



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