Tuesday, 10 November 2009

land speeder mkIII

this is the 2nd land speeder of my squadron, armed in the same way as the previous. plain classic plastic land speeder, bought just when it came out in 1998, my very first vehicle. as you can imagine i removed the old paint and repainted in a decent way.

dunno why i got this ugly yellowish light. ah, the checker pattern on the flaps is hand made, no crappy decals.

things to be proud part II (above): the targeting gems
only one thing: it is too plain for my, have you got any suggestion?

PS: oh, gosh i just realized i forgot to paint the rail of the cannon and the gem on the top rear flap! i'll get rid of this mistake asap!


  1. Maybe you could add some battle damage or chipped paint to make the speeder more interesting? I really like your MK2 land speeder! Do you have any of the MK1 land speeders?

  2. ah well i don't like that much to add weathering to my models as i try to make them look as old school as possible. i meant to add some extra paintwork, probably geometrical motifs, no freehand since a land speeder doesn't deserve it. thank you for the mk2... sadly i don't own any mk1 but i must say that would be very difficult to add in an army mostly built around modern looking space marines, you know...
    maybe i should add this speeder a flag, do you remember rogue trader era?



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