Wednesday, 29 April 2009

separate head system

while wasting my time surfing the net, some days ago i saw some amazing stuff on, the mighty separate head system: speaking simply it is a set of separate heads witch allows you to customize greatly your plastic imperial guard... i think they fit perfectly cadians. check 'em out!
personally, i'm gonna catch them to recreate the old stormtroopers (the ones from 2nd edition, remember?)... i bet it will work out! also, if you wanna recreate some sort of krieg trenchmen, you should exploit the nice heads with gasmasks... let me think what do you think about it, cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Your gonna love those heads! I used them on all of my officers and sgt's in my IG army, and as much as I hate plugging my own work, if you want to see how they look here's the link: One thing though is that you really need to be careful to cut down the necks to get the right fit, I know I had to trim mine back a few times before I got it right. Good luck and looking forward to seeing yours when you get them done.



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