Thursday, 30 April 2009

[40k army list] imperial guard

i'm not satisfied at all about this list but i guess i have to test it first... then i will make an exact opinion.

company command squad: regimental standard, lascannon, astropath, master of ordnance

stormtroopers (10 men): meltagun x2

platoon command squad
infantry squad: heavy bolter
infantry squad: heavy bolter
heavy weapons squad: heavy bolter x3
heavy weapons squad: lascannon x3

veterans: lascannon
veterans: plasma gun x3

scout sentinel squadron: autocannon x2
scout sentinel squadron: multilaser x2, smoke launchers
valkyrie: multilaser, rocket pods x2

leman russ: battlecannon, heavy bolter x3
leman russ vanquisher: vanquisher cannon, lascannon, camo netting

let me know what do you think... maybe it can help.


  1. Only two leman? However it remains a good list, what's the leadership of your squad? Only 8? You have to try this list, eheh there will be fun :D

  2. I'm guessing this is about 1500 points total, right? Two russes is fine for that number of points (unless you really want to go heavy armor).

    I would personally place the lascannons in your infantry squads as they are ridiculously high profile targets, especially when combined with BID from your CCS. You also get the leadership 8 that way, making your tests much more likely to pass. A commissar of course makes them even more likely and is made of unbreakability, but that's another 35 points to spend too.

    Are you sure you need the stormtroopers? Vets do the job almost as well with more special weapons for less, and are scoring. I'm interested to see how stormies do, but switching to vets might help you out with the staticness of your list on objective based missions.

    There's a couple of other things that I would change, but I'd like to see how the general force works before commenting further. Good luck!

  3. first of all thanks for the comment.
    yep Max you're right. i'd like one more russ because it means one more big blast :D
    HWsquads have low leadership, that's true, but they can allow me to maximize the effect of CCS orders... i'll think about it.
    i need stormtroopers because they are the only one who can carry a pair of meltas and get swiftly to the target without taking any punishment... i know they're expensive. don't tell me to field the devildog because i won't :D
    also: why you tell me vets are less static than stormies? that's true only if i put them on a valkyrie...



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