Thursday, 4 March 2010

How to magnetize your Valkyrie/Vendetta

the best thing about the Valkyrie is its versatility so, in order to exploit it best, i magnetized all its weaponry and this is the result.

with my dear old Minicraft drill i've milled a circular groove (is this correct?) and then i glued the magnet, paying attention to keep it perfectly horizontal: this step is important, if the magnet isn't flat then the weapons will be skewed (and will of course suck).

as you can see the twin linked lascannon is scratchbuilt: i used, for the wings weapons, space marines razorback's lascannons and 2 other lascannons from cadian weapons team. they are long the same and with a bit of care you can make them look very similar.
i used this magnets (s0201n), bought on, check them out!

the only tricky thing on this issue is that you must never get mistaken about magnets polarity: make north stick with south and viceversa, otherwise the magnets will repel each other!

next time i'll show you how to magnetize the central lascannon so stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, magnetizing the thing is essential to get your money's worth. I always failed on the wing magnets- could never get them perfectly level, so they wobble quite a bit when moved about. Any tips on preventing that problem?

  2. Nice job mate.

    I did the same on mine, as well as doing the nose weapons, wing to hull mounts, rear door and the flying stand. It worked really well until it got knocked at the club and shattered over the floor!

  3. Good job! As I'm building my army I'm constantly trying to magnetize where I can to keep my options open, so it's good to get advice from people on the best way to do it!

  4. @Max - best way I've found to ensure magnets are level is to first finish the piece most likely to make leveling easy, like the twin linked lascannon above. You see there it is simply gluing a magnet to a flat piece of plasticard; as long as the plasticard is level, the magent will be level. Once the glue is dry, put a small piece of wax paper over that magnet and put the other magnet on it, like a sandwich where magnets are the bread and the wax paper is the filling. Then you glue the "free" magnet in place, ensuring the weapon hangs straight. Once the glue dries on the second magnet, pull the weapon off. The wax paper will stick to the glue, but it is easily scraped off.

    @Col. Corbane - Ouch!



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