Monday, 4 May 2009

random thoughts about imperial guard vs eldars

yesterday night i played a nice match versus Orlando's (friend of mine) eldars... my army was the one in the list some posts below and Orlando's army was composed by 2 bike mounted farseers with some powers, 10 banshees on wave serpent, 6 fire dragons on falcon, 10 avengers on wave serpent, 5 jetbike guardians, warwalker squadron (3x warwalker). we had a pitched battle with seize ground. here's some thoughts about my own units:
LEMAN RUSS: when i opened fire with every weapon of the old reliable leman russ battle tank at a war walker squadron two of them got shaken and one destroyed. nice shot sir. in addition his battlecannon proved to be very nasty with both farseers (say goodbye!) and wave serpents (which one of them got destroyed by a well placed shot). then he got blasted by fire dragons, sigh.
SCOUT SENTINELS: both squadrons i have fielded flanked the enemy in a very effective way thanks to the astropath. in particular the ones with multilasers killed the bikes (what a luck) and the autocannon armed locked into close combat the war walkers for at least 4 turns so they never shot anything.
VANQUISHER: even if it managed to do some minor damage, it never proved to be very dangerous but it's not its fault, energy fields (they cancel its vanquisher cannon's outstanding armour penetration!) and holo field are too hard for him. gotta re-test.
VALKYRIE: finally also imperial guard has his fast response unit and it behaves extremely well! although it is quite a big model you can keep it in reserve to make it flank the enemy so there's no problem. rocket pods seems amusing but i couldn't test them well (lack of targets). i never made a gravchute insertion, too risky. by the way it is an excellent upgrade to a too static imperial guard!
VETERANS: everyone have great expectations about them, well, let's say they won't disappoint you. they are cheap and they have BS4 and also some nice (but costly) upgrades. the pity is that L7/8 but as i said, they are cheap enough to forget it... so go for them!
INFANTRY: i love them. the orders had turned these folks into something quite dangerous so don't fear to spend some extra points on them, they're gonna re-pay you. "bring it down" + heavy weapons squads = TNT
STORMTROOPERS: yeah, they can reroll the deep strike scatter dice and they have 4+ TS. yeah, they carry the hotshot lasgun and 2 special weapons and also have BS4. but they have LEADERSHIP 8! come on, they always work in some dangerous manner, isolated from the rest of the army and there is no way to improve their leadership value! they cost too much! yesterday night my 10 men squad got 3 men killed by the fire dragons and guess what? they got out of the table! more than 180 pts practically flushed! i think i'm not gonna re-field them.

it's all for now, let's hear what do you think guys!


  1. Leman Russ are always the best!!! The Vanquisher must be re-test, unfortunately the eldar have some bastards abilies as energy field that render the antitank fire very weak! But i trust in the vanquisher, even if i'd pay the upgrade in order to have AB4 and a +1 on the damage table.

    I'm sorry for the stormtroopers, but L8 is too low! Leadership is the problem of this new guard, but we can remedy at this putting more chimera ( now it costs only 55 pts!!! )

  2. i'd say that the leadership solution for the static part of the army may be the lord commissar... as you'll my dear friend muahahah

  3. It will be a pleasure for me killing your Lord Commissar! :DDD



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