Thursday, 31 December 2009

Leman Russ 511: we're almost there

2009 will not see my first leman russ finished, but who cares?
as you can see there are still many things to do but i wanted update the same, just to show you how it is taking shape, even if i've chosen the scheme given for loser.
i'm in a hurry because i gotta cook some desserts with my girlfriend so i postpone every comment to next year, or tomorrow night :-)
have a nice 2010 guys!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ironclad progress!

just a quickie: i made the extra armour and the ranged weapons of the ironclad. the armour has been made with some plasticard strips and some rivets. the heavy flamer is from dreadnought kit and the "meltagun" is simply a storm bolter with a different nozzle, made from a plasticard rod, drilled

Saturday, 26 December 2009

[poll] Valhallan 34th tanks camo schemes

i've started my thoughts about camo schemes in this post. now i've decided that i'll paint my imperial guard vehicles with one of these two schemes (above). i also made a little modification to these introducing some dots and stripes (that strongly reminds me Wehrmacht and Fallschirmjager late war camo schemes):

which is better in your opinion? please vote!

winter: 3 votes (18%)
urban: 4 votes (25%)
winter with dots: 6 votes (37%)
urban with stripes: 3 votes (18%)

Friday, 25 December 2009

Eldar battlefleet Kaelis colour scheme

this is a studio about a colour scheme for Orlando's eldar army. it is made with the same technique used for Alaitoc scheme but with a scale of greens (dark angels green, snot green and scorpion green) instead of blue. snot green is the basecoat, the 1st layer is watered down dark angels green and the final touch is done with watered down scorpion green. the tourquois part is the colour scheme adopted by the previous owner of this model (that of course has been bought used), so don't consider that.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is no Christmas!

have a nice winter solstice guys!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ironclad is coming!

just got back from Swiss and already at work: i put on my old plastic dreadnought the ironclad's right arm, nice isn't it? i tryied to give him a shooty pose, like he's flaming some enemies of mankind... maybe a bit overdeformed but in the grim darkness of the far future everything is possible! yeah, i know that: gotta model the extra armour, maybe someday...
by the way: have a nice holiday!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

new pic added to old post

i simply wanted to tell you that i uploaded a better picture of my veteran heavy weapon team to its post, you can find it here
have a nice evening for all european guys and good day to everyone else!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Valkyrie gunners

quick update: just want to show you these guys, do you like them?

i've painted them quite over the needed because they will be hidden inside the valkyrie hull but who cares, they are nice this way. i'm particularly proud of the targeters and of course of the shoulder insignas.
i'm tired of space marines so i began completing my valkyrie and the next step will be to make it magnetized... and not only to interchange its weapons... stay tuned!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

miscellaneous information

the deadline is gone but the space marines paintjob lies. the fact is that i'm currently working on my graduation thesis that is a harder work than painting toy soldiers but i gotta do if
i want to get out of university and start having a social life. yeah, engineering kills it.

so, i made some decisions:
  • i'm gonna finish Scipio squad before 2009 ends (maybe)
  • meanwhile, during xmas vacation i'll finish to build, magnetize and paint my valkyrie (i got some Bretonnian decals that fit perfectly!)
  • eat as much as i can
  • party as much as i can
  • ironclad arm is en route from USA. i'll paint the dreadnought asap!
  • gotta finish chaplain + termies
  • every other project is put in stadby for now.

+++++ end of transmission +++++


Monday, 14 December 2009

how to customize a Leman Russ #2: turret

the Odessa X pattern turret is a quite simple scratchbuiding job... step 1: think a template (or at least steal one). personally i made both things, i've stolen one simplyfing it. step 2: build it: i needed only some glue and 1mm thick plasticard and this is the result!

writing the measures is a nice thing to do if you wanna avoid mistakes!

rear view of the diamond-shaped turret

another nice thing to do: try many ways of putting pieces of equipment on the turret with some adhesive putty

when you are happy with it, it's time to glue! bear in mind what you wanna paint (insignas, numbers...)

in order to have a nice rotation of the turret, the best and simpliest thing to do is make a cross with plasticard, obviously of the same dimension of the circle in the top part of the hull and fill the grooves of the hole (that hold the hooks of the original turret) with milliput.

after this, simply glue the gun one the turret and you're done!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

quick map update

well, i added some hive hexagons to my map. the question is: should i group them in the centre of the planet (representing a centralized urbanization) or is it more realistic to scatter them on the surface? i chose the 2nd. the hive tiles are simply pics of Planetary empires found on GW site, cut down with photoshop and pasted on the grid.
also i added o bit of numbers to identify the various tiles so when a player will declare a move it will be pretty simple to understand where i wanna go. by the way those number are still provisional. for the hives i guess i'll use names (like "xxx city" or "yyy hold") instead of numbers.

last but not least: in order to add a bit of taste to the game i think i'll include some extra rules like Planetary empires stratagem cards but, instead of cards, we'll use tables: rolling on them will bring some result, but i'm still working on that.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

no one needs planetary empires...

...if you have this DIY 40k map.
well, in reality Planetary Empires seems to be a quite nice product but too expensive, so i made this map for our upcoming campaign. it will be uploaded on a dedicated blog and manually updated after every game. nice, isn't it?
i must add some counters for the rules and for the representation of the hive. the map was made with Greenfish Relief Map Generator 1.4 and the hexagonal tiles are taken from Going on Campaign blog thank you guys!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

map based campaign

since i'm tired of competitive powerplay i've planned some rules for a 40k campaign: i just wanna sit back and relax while playing my favourite tabletop game. the ideas are:
  • use a hexagon-divided map: this will be made with photoshop and uploaded somewhere in order to be able to update it through a blog: every player will declare weekly his move dropping a comment
  • terrain is divided in Urban and Field, so we might use some Cities of Death rules. in addition to this some Field hexagons are designated to be Core terrain for the race that starts the campaign from there (Core Terrain grants 500 pts to be spent in the armylist planning), others are Aerocamp hexagons (allow to replace losses and to change armylist whenever a player wants, a sort of reinforcements gateway). every player has 3 Core & 1 Aerocamp. obviously if these are lost things get difficult. some Urban hexagons might have CoD stratagems but i'm not sure.
  • every conquered zone (hexagon) grants some points to be spent, as wrote above: Core 500 (very rare), Field 100. the maximum amount of fieldable points is 2000 and of course it is possible to have unbalanced battles (maybe this can be one of many roads to victory).
  • players will be 4: Eldar (Kaelis fleet), Space Marines (Ultramarines and Black Templars), Planetary Defence Force (PDF).
  • the PDF can be "conquered". in order to do this the wishing player must move in the PDF's Fortress hexagon and make a check: roll a D6, on 4+ the invading commander manages to convince the PDF commander that he's on the right side. from now PDF player must act as he's told by his conqueror. if the test gives a 1,2 or 3 then a normal battle must take place: if PDF wins then it still preserves his independence, if it loses then is conquered as explained above.
  • MISSIONS: always casual deployment
    Urban: always KP game
    Field: always Seize Ground game
    Aerocamp & Core: always Capture & Control game
    if the Battle Missions book comes out i'll probably change something and add special missions.
  • VICTORY CONDITIONS: control the whole Hive (8 Urban hexagons) or wipe out every opponent by conquering every hexagon belonging to an enemy

Friday, 4 December 2009

i'm not (yet) dead!

it's been a while since the last update, sorry guys!
in these 9 days of no news i'm working on my last 10 men tactical squad, Scipio. above there is a member of that squad: squad commander Quintus! obviously there are many little details to be done, like the highlight on the laurel... as many may have seen the head is a little kitbash: it is taken from WHFB empire cavalry (thank you Orlando). the bolter scheme reminds me Necromunda... or a bee, but i don't care :-) do you like it? the picture is pretty sh*tty i know, that's not my fault but weather's

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

camo scheme compendium

i'm struggling to understand which camo scheme i really want for my imperial guard and its attached squads of allies so i thought it would be good to make a compendium about that. this is the first part, stolen from many citadel sources, next step is to list every pattern (stripes, poligons...) and then some combinations...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Fantasy Monday #2: Battle Masters Chaos Warrior

a little break from Ultramarines painting, hope you like it. this is a chaos warrior from Battle Masters tabletop game. the first time i painted this guy (1993 circa) i used humbrol enamels, needless to say it sucked. so i stripped paint of with some degreaser and repainted it with the same colour scheme i wanted when i was just a kid and this is the result. i painted the halberd in that way to show it is magical, instead of choosing a flat steel colour. about the photo shooting tecnique: the one above has been taken with the flash, instead the following one has been taken without the flash

which one is better in your opinion?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Librarian's banner

the old metal terminators were pretty static but the good thing about them was that they had a big banner pole so, as i like to paint banners, i'm pretty happy about that. my librarian, blessed with terminator armours, is kinda veteran so i painted a banner in order to show this. his name is Commodus, so i wrote it on the book and combined the tipical heraldry of librarians with the chapter's icon. in order to show his supernatural power i painted upside down flames and lightning bolts that is a nonsense as is never present in nature. pretty silly, i know :-) but the important thing is that this banner must look old school!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Oldschool terminator librarian (aka how to enhance an ugly miniature)

do you remember the dear old librarian in terminator armour? well, let's say this: it sucks. but i have to field him and i don't want to waste money in the new miniature (that, by the way, is marvellous). so i've got to make him a little nicer for the upcoming tournament.

first of all, since back in the days it was sold with the 20mm slottabase, i made for him a scenic 40mm base, urban themed. i just glued a small pipe, a bit of polystyrene that represents a broken block of concrete with some tiled plasticard and some skeletons bits. then i glued the guy over the base and made for him the mandatory piece of wargear you really can't go without:
the storm shield. i used a piece of 1mm thick plasticard (cut with random dimension) and filed it trying to model a nose cone shape, then, with the help of a round pen i pushed it on the cylindrical shape of the pen in order to achieve the typical rounded shape of the shield (dunno if i made it to explain myself), as you know a flat shield would be really ugly-looking. then i added some bits and the usual rivets and this is the result, do you like it? i think it has a believable pose, he simply walks keeping guard up, ready to smash the axe over the enemy's head.
yeah, i know, today my english is worst then ever.

PS: the shield arm is interchangeable, i think i'll magnetize it

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

more on the dreadnought

so, i made some thoughts about what's better for my purposes between classic dreadnought and ironclad. the task is pretty simple: i gotta thrash some black templars that regularly kill pretty easily my ultras. here we go:

CLASSIC: 105 points for av12, dreadnought close combat weapon and multimelta. cheap and nice. broad weapons selection, far better than iroclad but vulnerable to lascannons and of course melta weapons. about the options:
  • replace storm bolter with heavy flamer is almost always a good idea
replace multimelta with:
  • twin linked heavy flamer is a bad idea
  • twin linked heavy bolter worse idea
  • twin linked autocannon is perhaps good but i don't like it (autocannon has an imperial guard taste for me)
  • plasma cannon or assault cannon is better than the previous option, imo, anyway amusing
  • twin linked lascannon pretty good, but bloody expensive!
  • replace close combat weapon with twin linked autocannon or missile launcher... well, it's always nice to have a mobile shooting platform, like the Mortis pattern (twin linked lascannon & missile launcher) but if you are not in desperate need of firepower, well... you should avoid.
  • Take extra armour... well i'd dare say always, as a dreadnought in close combat is always a pain in the ass (for your opponent) and extra armour allows to charge in close combat even if you reported a "stunned" on the damage table
IRONCLAD: 135 points for av13, dreadnought close combat weapon with storm bolter, seismic hammer with meltagun (so it has 4 attacks while charging instead of 3) and extra armour. less cheap but nicer. and never understimate the "move through cover" ability. a lot less vulnerable to lascannons but still fearful of melta weapons. about the options:
  • replace storm bolter with heavy flamer is as good as with the classic
  • replace melta gun with heavy flamer is also good (twin heavy flamer fun against troops holding objectives) but you risk overkill that is never a good thing when you are in the middle of the battlefield provided it isn't the last turn
  • replace combat weapon with hurricane bolters... don't even think about that
  • replace seismic hammer with chainfist: no, because it is almost always useless to roll 2d6 for penetration when you have strength 10. i wonder if the chainfist makes you to attack last
  • take up to 2 hunter killer missiles is overpriced, so no.
  • take ironclad assault launchers don't like because enemy power fists will hit last anyway, so no.
it's pretty clear to see that Ironclad is the most suitable for some close combat killing, especially when you gotta crush all those marshalls out there!

Monday, 16 November 2009

dreadnought anyone?

let's talk about dreadnoughts: the classic, the venerable and the ironclad.

personally i do like only the first one: the second is too expensive, the third is an awful miniature, if i will field it i'll certainly convert a classic one (i own the metal one and the plastic one) instead of buying a new plastic ironclad.
my personal two cents: i find myself in the embarrassing situation of losing lots of space marines squads due to some hateful black templars crusades so i said myself: "let's go armour, those bastards can't pierce anything heavier than armour 10... only the power fist (2 attacks charging) can be a problem". in this case armour 13 of the ironclad can be of some help. also a second close combat weapon might be useful. obviously the tactic is to keep the dreadnought ready for countercharge the crusade squad or even bash the land raider that transports them with the close combat weapon.
theoretically, it can work out. but what if i play against other enemies? the problem would rise if i have to play a game against a slower army, like tau or imperial guard... i guess the dreadnought, without a drop pod would be useless... but i hate drop pods.
so? please help me!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

imperial guard progress so far

in order to succesfully assemble and paint my imperial guard army i realized this sort of diagram. the idea is stolen from a blog of the community, don't remember the name: if you are the creator please let me know

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tactical squad Traianus

another tactical squad from my Ultramarines army: armed with plasma weapons, Traianus tactical squad usually clears the way for the other, more mobile, battle brothers. other times, when a hard resistance is required, searches the battlefield for heavy armoured enemies and obliterate is the 4th squadron from the 2nd Ultramarines company.

this is Traianus, the sergeant, classic 1999 miniature: veteran sergeant from the command squad box, one of the first new space marines metal miniatures.

every marine that wears not the helmet bears it instead at the belt, i swear!

just take a look!

three marines: they are all equipped with the standard bolter, the one on left shows on his left kneepad the company designation, the center one was kitbashed with the sergeant bare head from devastators kit. every marine is codex-respectful, i mean: they all bear combat knife, grenades and bolt pistol.

battle brother with plasma cannon: metal model back from 3rd edition range. this guy boasts an impressive killcount! head from captain sprue.

squad commander and plasma gunner (from armour through ages). we already talked about this guys here. i added an extra chapter marking on squad commander kneepad.

more guys, not that much to say about them.

i hate how decals get curled when they get dry so i paint chapter heraldry by myself. yeah, it is a little difficult but i think it is worth the effort.

so, as i said, i paint every U on every shoulderpad if it isn't already sculpted. neat, isn't it?

of course i paint also the tactical designation, the only decal i use is the roman numeral.

do you like them? what about the golden yellow trim? do you prefere the shining gold instead? personally, it makes me puke.


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