Sunday, 31 January 2010

First batch of veterans finally painted!

this is the first part of my imperial guard mixed Valhallan/(classic) Cadian veterans. their scheme is a bit lighter than the testpaint because i made a softer highlight. i really like the combination of olive greens and greys. if you like, i'll post a tutorial about painting wood.

look at the meltas' muzzles: i've managed somehow to get a burned effect with a nice method explained on Citadel's "how to paint Citadel tanks" book: after painting metal, wash with watered down snakebite leather and then with bestial brown (and also with schorched brown if you want. i didn't), finally wash with very watered down black in order to merge the previous layers of paint. i find this method quite successful.

final goodie: a better pic of demo-charge dude.
that's all for now!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

there's nothing better than a democharge ready to be thrown

this is the valhallan democharge veteran finally painted! the scheme is the same of the other veterans previously shown... what else? i really like this mini!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

what's your regiment, soldier?

in the next imperial guard army list i'm gonna deploy 2 veteran squads each with 3 melta gun so, as my veterans are quite heterogeneous (classic cadians & valhallans mix), i've planned this: both squads will have 1 cadian and 1 valhallan meltagunner, the remaining 2 will be a converted catachan and another model i have not yet chosen (is this sentence correct? sorry for my english). this time please check out my former catachan guy!

first thing i did was putting those shoulder pads (from plastic space marines scouts box) to make him look like a muscular cadian, then i've filled the gaps of the vest with the dear old milliput and lastly i added details: cadian backpack (from cadian weapons team) and the pistol holster on the backpack (tank crew kit) after having removed with a modelling blade the knife on the left side of backpack. last but not least: the eagle on the chest is from space marines captain sprues. so? waddayathink?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Marshall Navarre wip

as you can see this is a model from the black templars sword brethren box, counts as a marshall, so i'm painting it golden for Teo.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Counts as Emperor's Champion

this model has been created by Teo long ago when he didn't own the standard Champion, so he modeled a proxy and i quickly painted it... just a nice blast from the past. dunno how he managed to convert that two handed sword suitable arms.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tcharkov campaign is starting!

of course it is! today i've created a brand new blog for its development: Battle for Tcharkov!

i'll soon upload the rules!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

More mordians

do you remember when i made this poll? well, i wasn't satisfied by the results so i thought (stolen) a new colour scheme for their awesome dress uniform. yeah, stolen from GW (they used it in some guardsmen in 2nd and 3rd edition codex. this guy will be part of the Survivor Squads of Tcharkov Planetary Defence Force in the upcoming campaign. is this scheme better than previous ones?
by the way, there are still some details to fix in this mini.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Throw that democharge, soldier!

imperial guard classic range is amazing, in my opinion, but has the little handicap of lacking that special options that you can buy with the last codex like shotguns or democharges. well, i made this really simple conversion with this running valhallan trooper with the left hand free, perfect for making him holding a medikit, ammo or, as in this case, a little gift for the enemies of mankind :-) the charge is in reality a melta bomb from the space marines devastator sprue, horizontal instead of vertical, very snazzy. i thought it was enough bulky, so i didn't add anything to the charge. so?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Veterans repoting!

here are my veterans, ready for the battlefield! i really love this scheme, pretty detailed and really close to the ground colours. this scheme will be the one with which i'll paint the veterans only, the platoon troopers will be painted like this lascannon team in order to distinguish them well and to reflect the fact that veterans get better equipent like camo uniform and extra stuff (not on these miniatures)... and i love that snow, yeah!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Dear old stretched chimera...

a pair of years ago i converted this chimera. yeah, it's harder to hide but it can REALLY transport 10 men. now i replaced the cadians with the valhallan tank riders (very soviet indeed).

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Veterans update

new things:
- light grey highlight, it looks much better now
- leather
- camo stuff
- wooden rifle shell
not that much to say

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New colour scheme for my veterans

these pictures suck but i can do anything better for now. i'm painting with a new scheme some veterans (i have not stripped the others yet!) to test the colour scheme and, i must say i like them mainly because it merges well valhallan with cadians.

...and look at that flag on the shoulder!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dear old cityfight cadians...

a bunch of years ago i painted a squad of classic cadians (but never finished) with the old urban camo scheme shown in the book Cityfight (3rd edition), led by colonel Schaeffer, that now hasn't any special rules. i want to create with them (i've got 10) a pair of veteran squads mixed with some valhallans, in order to get an informal mix of uniforms that emphasizes pretty well their veteran status. obviously they will be painted il a camo scheme to represent the camo cloaks similar to the one applied to my tanks so they will be somehow coherent with the rest of the army. the only thing i wanna read from you is: "ok man, you should strip that paint away" because it's kinda hard decision to take :-)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Leman Russ 511

so, my first valhallan leman russ is finally done. painting this tank has been quite a pain because i painted this two other times and, as you might imagine, the surface wasn't that smooth but i managed quite well to avoid hiding details. yeah, next time gotta unpaint the model before i guess.
the camo scheme as you can see is quite simple, i'll refer to only 3 vallejo "game colors": cold grey (equivalent to citadel codex grey), german grey (from vallejo model color), black,
  1. black undercoat
  2. german grey uniform layer
  3. codex grey heavy drybrush
  4. black stripes
  5. german grey highlight over the stripes
the bad thing about vallejo game color paints is that Cold Grey isn't the equivalent for Codex Grey, in fact is much more close to Fortress Grey. when i started painting this model i didn't know but now i do, so i'm gonna buy a better replacement.

what else? the tank commander is an old miniature that came for free with the tank but now GW sells it in the online store. i used a bretonnian decal (from bretonnian knights transfer set) to represent squadron markings (or commander heraldry if you like). in addition on the left track there are regimental colours and a 2-digits number (squadron + tank number). the font i used for the turret number is quite similar to the one used on german panzer during ww2, perfect on a grey scale in my opinion.
heavy bolters come from the heavy weapons team box (look at those targeters!) and the targeting device on turret as been converted with a little metallic mesh. the front lights come from the old rhino kit, remember?

i wanted to show correcty the equipment on this tank, so i assembled the smoke launchers and the searchlight. this last one is awfully painted, i know, i swear i will re paint it! the smoke launchers that come with the sprues are quite crappy so i cut the top of every grenade and drilled it to make them look like the space marines ones (that are much nicer). in addition i repositioned them, in a more horizontal way. the extra stowage came with the old leman russ box: i painted it with the winter scheme with dots, it looks very nice. if you look on the left track you'll see a killcount made with cadian transfers. tranfers have been treated with a matt varnish (not GW's one). i made many holes with my Minicraft drill and cut with the hobby knife to represent bullet holes, then weathered it with watered down black paint, on the other hand i weathered the flash suppressor and the exhausts with watered down snakebite leather, bestial brown, schorched brown and black.
i'm pretty sure there's nothing else to say.

PS: oh gosh! i was forgetting to say that the sandbags on turret came with the 1999 leman russ exterminator kit!

Friday, 1 January 2010

1st post of the year!

here's tank 511 commander: colonel Zologa! i think i've painted this model about 4 or 5 time since 1999 when i purchased it. the first time he was (horribly) painted like a commissar, so plain black with red details, then, last year and many changes later, was olive green with black peaked cap. now i realized that olive green wasn't that good for a urban camo scheme tank and i decided to repaint it. i took inspiration from ww2 german panzer divisions: the crews dressed in black and this made them look like an elite corps (and when someone of them was captured, his jailers weren't too kind with him due to this fact). from a technical point of view i painted the model black and then highlighted the uniform with vallejo german grey 70995 (best colour ever when it comes to highlight black)... this is the only thing worth speaking about. that's all for now!


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