Thursday, 31 March 2011

Maybe back (from the warp)!

i'm sorry for this very long hiatus, i had to manage lots of changes in my life. briefly: i changed job and i moved to Switzerland due to this, had to find and furnish a flat, split up with my long term girlfriend and totally changed lifestyle. what a mess!
my new job leaves me a few free time, not enough to keep an acceptable pace of miniature painting so i tought it could be a good idea to host some friends on this blog, just to keep the thing alive and give people the opportunity to show their works and maybe receive a bit of feedback from you guys out there. so, every picture you will see with the label "black/red painting guest" will not belong to me. stay tuned for further update, which will happen soon, i swear!

PS: the fact that i'm pretty busy doesn't mean that i'm going to stop painting :-) don't worry!


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