Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tactical squad Traianus

another tactical squad from my Ultramarines army: armed with plasma weapons, Traianus tactical squad usually clears the way for the other, more mobile, battle brothers. other times, when a hard resistance is required, searches the battlefield for heavy armoured enemies and obliterate is the 4th squadron from the 2nd Ultramarines company.

this is Traianus, the sergeant, classic 1999 miniature: veteran sergeant from the command squad box, one of the first new space marines metal miniatures.

every marine that wears not the helmet bears it instead at the belt, i swear!

just take a look!

three marines: they are all equipped with the standard bolter, the one on left shows on his left kneepad the company designation, the center one was kitbashed with the sergeant bare head from devastators kit. every marine is codex-respectful, i mean: they all bear combat knife, grenades and bolt pistol.

battle brother with plasma cannon: metal model back from 3rd edition range. this guy boasts an impressive killcount! head from captain sprue.

squad commander and plasma gunner (from armour through ages). we already talked about this guys here. i added an extra chapter marking on squad commander kneepad.

more guys, not that much to say about them.

i hate how decals get curled when they get dry so i paint chapter heraldry by myself. yeah, it is a little difficult but i think it is worth the effort.

so, as i said, i paint every U on every shoulderpad if it isn't already sculpted. neat, isn't it?

of course i paint also the tactical designation, the only decal i use is the roman numeral.

do you like them? what about the golden yellow trim? do you prefere the shining gold instead? personally, it makes me puke.


  1. Amazing freehand work on these. It must drive you crazy painting every "U".? But great work almost makes me want to do Ultramarines.

  2. thank you man, you're very kind
    no, it doesn't drive anyone crazy to do such a job when you know how :-) really: i developed a tecnique that allows me to do it quickly with decent result.

  3. you've got your freehand method down by now, so this won't matter as much to you.

    MicroSet and MicroSol will solve all of your decal woes. Seriously.

  4. Love the banner, now just paint the back of it too!

    Nice work.



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