Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vendetta engine scorch

more suggestions on how to paint scorches. when a Valkyrie/Vendetta uses the engine's afterburners (provided it has some, and it should), there will be a scorch effect on the inner part of both tails due to the flame that comes out of the nozzle.
i think it has been a good idea to paint that in a proper way, which is very very simple: just drybrush a sort of wake with some Scorched brown and the add a smaller layer of drybrushed black above. then give the area a rich black wash and you're done.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

How to paint a burned barrel

really easy but effective tip: painting a gun barrel (or an exhaust tube) in a proper way to represent a burned part is much cooler to see than a gun with a plain metal finish so i'm gonna tell you how to achieve that without much effort. we're gonna pass through 4 steps:

1) wash the gun with a really watered down Snakebite leather

2) wash a smaller area with Bestial brown

3) now do the same with Scorched brown

4) last: give the barrel a Black wash to make everything homogenous

and there you go!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Poll: Catachan Tiger camo scheme

ok, this stuff up here is for Teo's brand new army: Catachan imperial guard!
i'm doing some tests for the camo scheme. the idea is to stick with a early Vietnam tiger camo scheme, so horizontal black sharp stripes on a green background. the problem is: which green?! the choice is, respectively, between:
  1. snot green
  2. dark angels green
please vote in the poll box! thanks!

snot green 2
dark angels green 6
neither 2

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Black Templars' banner

Hi guys!
do you remember this Land Raider Crusader i've painted for my friend Teo? well, we added a banner drawn by Teo and painted by me: here it is!
it is done in the oldschool way: drawn by hand on paper, painted, cut and sprinkled with PVA glue... just to make it last!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Vendetta pilots

Vendetta update: these are the pilots. still nameless.
even if a Valkyrie/Vendetta isn't a fighter aircraft, i tried to give this guys a "top ace" look customizing their helmets: the pilot got a Japanese rising sun design (quite a classic) and the gunner something like Merlin the wizard.

i'm pretty happy with the pilot sunglasses.

...and i really like how the panels and the screen turned out.
that's all for now!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vendetta camo scheme complete!

whoa... the end of a nightmare! you can't believe how frustrating can be painting a model this big with a poligonal camo scheme... by hand! so, if you ask me, go for masking and spray paints! let me tell you why this has been a nightmare:
  1. black basecoat
  2. Vallejo german grey undercoat
  3. heavy drybrush with codex grey (or Vallejo basalt grey)
  4. hand drawing of the poligonal spots with watered down black paint
  5. drybrush of the spots with Vallejo german grey
in one word: hellish! basically the problem was drawing neatly on the Vendetta surface all those spots...

if you are interested in, this scheme has been "stolen" from an italian aircraft camo scheme in use during ww2 in temperate/desert areas, so i adapted it for urban scenarios and made it more poligonal.

hope you like it. the next steps are the pilots, weapons and insignas... that's gonna be much easier.
hey, i just remembered that tonight i dreamt freddy kruger!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Baneblade WIP (part I)

so, first of all i'm gonna convert the crew. the baneblade model has many hatches so i want to exploit their "potential" the best that i can.

on the turret there are two hatches, one for the commander (here shown without fur and medals conversions) and another one for the second in command/gunner/whatever. everyone on this tank wear ushanka caps and gasmasks (Pig Iron heads) to give a Valhallan flavour to the crew.

adding some armour on the heavy stubber will make the gunner much happier!

demolition cannon gunner checks everything out there is ok... or maybe he is simply waiting for some targets getting into range!

final notes: Baneblade cannon is still missing because it's gonna get some magnets as well as side sponsons... someone said Hellhammer?

that's all for now!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Heroquest wizard!

this was the last of the heroes i had to paint. i kept this for last because the right arm, the raised one, was broken so i had to replace it with an imperial guard tank commander arm which turned out to be quite good, even without the glove.
the paintjob with a decent light is quite good but i don't know why the picture didn't turn out really well. probably i should use a light diffuser and give this miniature a bit of matt varnish.
i was also thinking about adding some stars on the shirt, would it be good?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Heroquest Barbarian restyling!

lots of time ago i painted three of the four Heroquest heroes, but the Barbarian was quite fragile: the sword was already broken and glued when i bought the game so, when it got broken again, i thought it would be good to do a bit of restyling.

i used a sword blade from the GW Skeleton sprues and then glued it on the hilt. instead of painting it plain metal, i chose a neat colour gradient in order to make it look like a magical, red-hot, sword. i'm quite satisfied about it. can't wait to play all the Heroquest expansions with my friends!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Baneblade tank commander

finally back!
this is my new Baneblade tank commander, still nameless. it's just the basic kit, with a Pig Iron head and some sculped fur and medals. do you like it? charge!


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