Saturday, 29 August 2009

imperial container

this is a piece of scenery made by my friend Orlando for his table and painted by me: it represents a container, like the ones they use on cargo ships... this one belongs to the Cadian 812th, an imperial guard regiment meant to be destroyed by eldar or other aliens in our setting. it is meant to fit a small spaceport in an eldar virgin planet so you can imagine the story that there's back: cadian guys come to colonize the planet, eldars go mad and exterminate the fellows, imperial counter-vengeance arrives shortly... what do you think?


  1. Great!!! Excellent choice of color, the effect of the peeling paint is fantastic ;-)

  2. That looks really good how did you guys make it?

  3. thank you both guys
    well Silar, i'm not sure but i think this container was made gluing some ondulated cardboard taken from crackers boxes (here in italy they use this stuff for the packging) on a small flat cardboard too box. then i guess orlando made a frame with some paper stripes to hide the junctions.



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