Monday, 27 July 2009

Tactical squad Caesar

final goodie before leaving for holiday: one of the 3 tactical squads of my Ultramarines army! as you can see they are painted in a true oldschool fashion, i really loved all the 2nd edition space marines and the way 'Eavy Metal team painted them. everyone has its chapter livery and tactical markings, with squad number, of course. i am a tidy guy.
- the banner is hand painted: i'm not that satisfied about it
- these miniatures date back 1999 or so
- one marine comes from "armour through ages" mailorder box
- lascannon is the metal one
- the bare head is from the captain sprue, i suppose
- the sergeant is the old sergeant with auxiliary grenade launcher, back from 2nd edition, bought when i was 14... damn, time flies, as Gorilla Biscuits say...


  1. Great work! Very precise and capable!!!
    This squad when deployed will make you proud of them! ;-)

  2. of course i'm proud of those ones... except when the lascannon and meltagun guys rolls 1 or 2 to hit or on penetration roll... hell!

  3. Very impressive painting. Excellent work.

  4. Excellent black lining and highlighting! The colors practically pop from the models.

  5. Old school colour scheme, very nice.



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