Wednesday, 16 September 2009

more land raider freehands!

if you liked the last one then you're gonna love this, i guess... these are the names of various Ultramarines commanders that led my army in battle (including captains, chaplains and even the brand new lord of the forge)... i wrote them here like a "hall of heroes" you know... too bad i had to cut names like Prometheus or Spartacus... but there was simply no more room.
sorry for the crappy light but i couldn't wait morning to take this pic since i wanted to show you right now! if you like it i'll provide a better one, so please give me some feedback, thank you.


  1. A very cool way to remember your commanders if you've taken the time to name them.
    Nice job.

  2. I envy your brush control... very nice freehand...

  3. That's really good. Nice shading, very consistent.



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