Monday, 27 April 2009

1st post ever!

ok, here we go!
here it is the first post ever of Black/Red blog, hope you enjoy the stuff i'm gonna post in here. i've opened this blog in order to share pics of all the miniatures i paint in my free time: mainly GW 40k minis but also reaper minis and old citadel classics, when i manage to get some.
so, let's begin with some old ones i've paited long ago:yeah, another chaplain Grimaldus + retinue... i painted these for a friend who plays Black Templars space marines. maybe they are painted quite well but i don't know if i gave my best since i don't like these minis... too complex, too many useless details. in addition i probably made a mistake with the matt varnish spray: as you can see it is matt no more, it tuned somehow glossy...ok, here it is the emperor champion, painted for the same friend who owns the dudes above. i made it white because i wanted to emulate the "white" dark angel on the dark millenium box (2nd edition stuff, if you remember)... i think i should somehow enhance the basing.

ok, it is enough for now, stay tuned, i'll be back soon!


  1. They are my first miniatures of warhammer 40k!!! And they were also painted very very very well!!! Don't be so modest Engineer ;-)

  2. I like your white a lot, it's nice and crisp and your whole style is very neat, well done!



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