Wednesday, 28 October 2009

objective marker for wh40k, part 2 aka "Help is on the way"

do you remember this? well, i painted it.
i imagine this as a sort of metal-pallet (support for muddy grounds) with a paradropped field radio/computer on it... the guy tried to defend it to the last drop of blood but failed or maybe died of starvation, the emperor only knows (who cares?).

the insigna shown on the box is 812nd cadian "hellmarchers", a fictional regiment that was supposed to succesfully invade and retake an imperial planet where will take place our campaign but failed... so this may represent an interesting piece of equipment for any commander, maybe full of useful information that must be retaken at all cost...

please notice the level of detail of the screens, i'm quite satisfied with it.
from the modelling point of view, this is a quite simple conversion: you only need the battlefield accessories sprue, a skeleton, some rhino and cadian accessories and you're done. do you like it? do you think i should mount it on a 60mm base?


  1. Great looking objective marker. You could say he got some key intelligence data entered into the system and a warning message off just in time. That critical information must be retrieved at all costs!
    What's scary is that whatever ate the flesh off his bones ate every stitch of clothing too.

  2. you should call this one "Help is on the way".

  3. I like it. You have been very creative.

  4. I love the skelly and the medi box is a nice touch.

    Nice one.

  5. thank you all guys!
    clothing is absent is due to the fact that he's a long time dead, maybe was naked for some reason :-) or, more realistic, i'm too lazy to sculpt any clothing at all :-)
    @ Mr.Esty: nice idea, i added to the title! very funny indeed!



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