Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Winged space marines = crap

maybe you all guys will find me kinda unpopular but, come on, i really can't take seriously an angel winged space marine, only Sanguinius could be. astartes are not like that, they are tough, twin hearted die-hard bastards... this miniature seems a drawing from some Magic card! please take back all those dear old 2nd edition miniatures!


  1. I think they look goofy as hell too (and the Sanguinor model's awful pose makes it even worse.. that pose works a million times better for St. Celestine) and won't be buying/using them (not that I need any more models..)

  2. Just to clarify, the wings are only aesthetic. There is a single-cylinder jump pack on his back, as with all the new sanguinary guard packs. Would that change your opinion any?

  3. I think you could get away with the wings, but not the wings, muscled+nippled armor, and gold paintjobs all at once. I'm definitely not very sold on the Sanguinor or Sanguinary Guard. Maybe they look better in person.

    Somewhat ironically, the new BA model I liked most is Seth, which everyone seems to be generally panning... Death Company are also pretty cool.

  4. Hey I said the same thing about Space Wolves carting around dogs in space ... ya ya ... its fluffy ... in a very, very cartoony way. Space wolves might use some kind of uber cyber dogs but not giant wolves ... and 99% of the people I mentioned that to said "boo" "but they are wolves so its ok." Meh ... I totally agree about the new angels models ... they are too over the top cartoony for my taste.

  5. gold and muscle armor is not a new idea. Just take a look at Dante model.

    I like wings :P



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