Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ral Partha Wizard!

Sorry for the long wait friends! I hope to be more productive!
I bought this miniature when I was living in Edinburgh. I consider it rare because we can't find anything by Ral Partha here in Italy and I'm sure it is out of production which is in my opinion quite a pity: there are few old school looking fantasy miniatures around these days.
Anyway, I painted it in order to represent in Dungeons & Dragons the usual evil or chaotic wizard you always encounter in towns at night coming back from a long quest:you and the party have no more enchantments nor potions and there comes this guy with his own mob of monsters/thugs screwing up things and maybe even killing someone.

To be honest i'm not satisfied at all with the colour scheme. The main problem is the hat, looks too orange to me while i wanted to paint it yellow with just a bit of depth. I guess I should have not used two layers of orange as background. Well, I will re-paint the hat in some time. Suggestions?

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