Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not just boys fun!

Female characters are not so present in gaming universe so i wanted to pay tribute to girls painting this awesome Reaper mini... 02047: Samantha of The Blade sculpted by Sandra Garrity (my favourite when it comes to fantasy miniatures, i think she worked for Ral Partha)... do you like it? personally I love the purple blade.

She has been another villain in the 2nd chapter of my campaign: an evil noblewoman called Fulvia Mesheron planning some conspiracy in the city of Cimbar. She did very well, especially while killing Turag!
Oh well, Turag got revived and killed her in return!


  1. Ehy very nice!!! She looks like an Amazon : D
    The purple sword is very beautiful!

  2. Very nice near-metallic metal effect on the purple sword (if that was the technique you used)! That particular technique is still something that's months (maybe even years) away for me. Any chance we could get a tutorial on how you go about achieving NMM?

  3. hi paul,
    well, i'm sorry but there's no metallic-blasting-tecnique to achieve that effect in fact it is a simple layering of violet tones. i started with black and ended with thin white lines on the blade edges near the tip to make it look like a magical blade or something. the colour i used is vallejos model color 960 violet, mixed with black for shades and with white for highlights.
    any question? :-)

  4. She looks good, and she's a red-head to boot! I recently bought some of Shadowforge's Valkyrie figures. Have you seen them? They are about the nicest Dark Age / fantasy looking females out there.
    I do like the purple sword. I painted a similar blue magic sword (my first attempt) a couple months ago.



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