Friday, 12 November 2010

Chimera 4A2

another tank is done! i'm getting ready for a tournament on sunday.
this is a pretty plain chimera without much conversions. i've armed this apc with a hull mounted heavy flamer and added an old fuel cylinder under that. i've also painted some scorches on the flamer barrel.

i added to the turret a targeting box taken from the old leman russ kit, which fits perfectly the new chimera turret. the roman numeral "IV" represents the company icon (4th company, infantry, 34th valhallan regiment).

as usual the camo scheme has been painted with vallejo german grey and codex grey for the light tone and black and german grey for the dark tone. on the turret the number "4A2" indicates that this tank belongs to the 4th company, infantry platoon A, 2nd squad. the red dragon icon on white background is the squadron (platoon) designation, in the same way of leman russ squadrons. on the rear you can see the army badge.

rear ramp, with tank number and regimental designation.

plastic tank commander from the chimera kit with a Pig Iron head. please notice the wooden casing of the bolt pistol and the extra armour on the turret.

valhallan passenger: that's just a classic metal trooper painted and glued on a support inside the tank.

steel legion passenger: i think it fits well in a valhallan army... and i really like the way i painted the power sword. looks like he is barking some orders :-)

do you like it? more chimeras to come!


  1. Cool Chimera. :) One observation, did you use a wash on the mask on the Steel Legion passenger? I think it needs something to darken the recesses.

    Awesome job nonetheless.

  2. thanks buddy. i will darken the gasmask asap!

  3. Looks good. I especially like the guys popping up from the back. Awesome!



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