Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sentinels' pilots

Even 34th Valhallan has it's own recon operatives. the colour that identifies them as recce squads is beige (bubonic brown), so they bear beige berets on the traditional olive uniform, common to all 34th troopers.

i used Pig Iron Militia Heads to represent old Valhallan heads. the gas mask is quite suitable for them as personal protection for hostile (frost) enviroments.

in this set there are 3 type of different berets: i used the one with the forage cap to represent the squadron sergeant (first picture, above).

i painted the instruments details like a screen and a gem or something like that.

you all know i am an accurate guy: every pilot has regimental insigna on his right shoulder.


  1. I like them! The color scheme works well and the screens came out good. Good Job.
    Santa Cruz Warhammer



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