Friday, 30 October 2009

planning an armoured company

building 10 different leman russ tanks is all but an easy work. i mean, nothing impossible but i think it deserves a little bit of planning, so i wrote down all the things i wanna put in this project and this is the result! planning ahead all the modelling and painting ideas i wanna use is the best thing to do in order to have every tank different from each other in order to achieve a "veteran" fashion, much more attractive than the plain, disciplinated, classic tank company like the one GW studio built when they put out Apocalypse (take a look here)... well, not bad, but, as i said, i want tanks with a personality, you all know i guess. i'm already converting a demolisher... the main guidelines are:
1) eliminate where possible (if it isn't already painted) the standard battlecannon, looks ugly
2) faithfully represent weapons and equipment, maybe with magnets
3) paint a coherent insigna on every tank, with honour badges and personal heraldry at least for squadron commanders
4) convert a brand new turret for the demolisher and enhance the lrbt one
5) lot of tank crew and at least one flag
so? ideas?

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