Wednesday, 18 November 2009

more on the dreadnought

so, i made some thoughts about what's better for my purposes between classic dreadnought and ironclad. the task is pretty simple: i gotta thrash some black templars that regularly kill pretty easily my ultras. here we go:

CLASSIC: 105 points for av12, dreadnought close combat weapon and multimelta. cheap and nice. broad weapons selection, far better than iroclad but vulnerable to lascannons and of course melta weapons. about the options:
  • replace storm bolter with heavy flamer is almost always a good idea
replace multimelta with:
  • twin linked heavy flamer is a bad idea
  • twin linked heavy bolter worse idea
  • twin linked autocannon is perhaps good but i don't like it (autocannon has an imperial guard taste for me)
  • plasma cannon or assault cannon is better than the previous option, imo, anyway amusing
  • twin linked lascannon pretty good, but bloody expensive!
  • replace close combat weapon with twin linked autocannon or missile launcher... well, it's always nice to have a mobile shooting platform, like the Mortis pattern (twin linked lascannon & missile launcher) but if you are not in desperate need of firepower, well... you should avoid.
  • Take extra armour... well i'd dare say always, as a dreadnought in close combat is always a pain in the ass (for your opponent) and extra armour allows to charge in close combat even if you reported a "stunned" on the damage table
IRONCLAD: 135 points for av13, dreadnought close combat weapon with storm bolter, seismic hammer with meltagun (so it has 4 attacks while charging instead of 3) and extra armour. less cheap but nicer. and never understimate the "move through cover" ability. a lot less vulnerable to lascannons but still fearful of melta weapons. about the options:
  • replace storm bolter with heavy flamer is as good as with the classic
  • replace melta gun with heavy flamer is also good (twin heavy flamer fun against troops holding objectives) but you risk overkill that is never a good thing when you are in the middle of the battlefield provided it isn't the last turn
  • replace combat weapon with hurricane bolters... don't even think about that
  • replace seismic hammer with chainfist: no, because it is almost always useless to roll 2d6 for penetration when you have strength 10. i wonder if the chainfist makes you to attack last
  • take up to 2 hunter killer missiles is overpriced, so no.
  • take ironclad assault launchers don't like because enemy power fists will hit last anyway, so no.
it's pretty clear to see that Ironclad is the most suitable for some close combat killing, especially when you gotta crush all those marshalls out there!

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  1. Mortis pattern dreads double up on the ranged weapon, they're not just 2 ranged weapons. The only true Mortis option in the current codex is replacing both arms with twin-linked autocannons. This is a damn cool looking dread, and it performs admirably in 5th edition.

    The Mortis pattern originally came from Imperial Armor, and was a special pattern used by the Dark Angels. Double Heavy Bolters, double Lascannons, and double autocannons.



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