Friday, 1 January 2010

1st post of the year!

here's tank 511 commander: colonel Zologa! i think i've painted this model about 4 or 5 time since 1999 when i purchased it. the first time he was (horribly) painted like a commissar, so plain black with red details, then, last year and many changes later, was olive green with black peaked cap. now i realized that olive green wasn't that good for a urban camo scheme tank and i decided to repaint it. i took inspiration from ww2 german panzer divisions: the crews dressed in black and this made them look like an elite corps (and when someone of them was captured, his jailers weren't too kind with him due to this fact). from a technical point of view i painted the model black and then highlighted the uniform with vallejo german grey 70995 (best colour ever when it comes to highlight black)... this is the only thing worth speaking about. that's all for now!

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