Saturday, 23 January 2010

what's your regiment, soldier?

in the next imperial guard army list i'm gonna deploy 2 veteran squads each with 3 melta gun so, as my veterans are quite heterogeneous (classic cadians & valhallans mix), i've planned this: both squads will have 1 cadian and 1 valhallan meltagunner, the remaining 2 will be a converted catachan and another model i have not yet chosen (is this sentence correct? sorry for my english). this time please check out my former catachan guy!

first thing i did was putting those shoulder pads (from plastic space marines scouts box) to make him look like a muscular cadian, then i've filled the gaps of the vest with the dear old milliput and lastly i added details: cadian backpack (from cadian weapons team) and the pistol holster on the backpack (tank crew kit) after having removed with a modelling blade the knife on the left side of backpack. last but not least: the eagle on the chest is from space marines captain sprues. so? waddayathink?


  1. Simple but excellent conversion mate, I'll be nicking that for my metal catachens.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks great! The shoulderpads give a different feel while not looking out of place. Love to see it painted up!

  3. Interesting, and well done conversion! I'm seeing a resurgence of using old metal catachans for various uses. I'll be digging into my box for some ideas, thanks to this post.

  4. Great idea, and very well engineered!

    A thought: Is it possible to raise the shoulder pads a little? they seem to sit slightly low...
    - Drax

  5. yeah drax, you're right, i'll raise them asap. gotta break the super glue bond, it will be a little tricky



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