Thursday, 11 March 2010

Exterminator WIP, turret is done!

another part of my favourite tank is finally done. this is a standard exterminator turret (1999) modified with two autocannon magazines (as seen here), a bit of riveted extra armour plating (made with 1mm thick plasticard), some jerrycans from battlefield accessories set, space marines scroll and, the final touch i love, bretonnian decal. i assembled the searchlight like the Forgeworld one, with poor result but in the end i do like this turret.


  1. Looking good. I still like the look of these old searchlights better than the big honking version on the upgrade sprue. Removing the spikey bits is usually a plus.

  2. Love the lettering... Also, I REALLY like the Pegasus on the turret... Turned out really nice.

  3. That's one nice looking turret you've got there - lol.



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