Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Exterminator WIP, check out the Ace Commander

do you remember the Valhallan Tank Commander? well, i painted it and i'm quite happy to say he will count as Knight Commander Pask, but of course with another name: (captain? marshall?) Zhukov. actually he rides an exterminator and in two battles behaved pretty well. you'll see the rest of the tank ASAP!
the colour scheme is a crossover between german and soviet ww2 tank crew uniforms, with the black furred jacket (worn over ordinary olive green pants) showing he belongs to some tank elite corps (like soviet guards or waffen ss tank division). i'm really satisfied about the details i sculpted, they turned out pretty well in my opinion!


  1. He's turned out really well mate, nice job. I'm looking forward to seeing all these guys together.

  2. Really Nice... thanks for the inspiration!



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