Tuesday, 28 April 2009

black templars crusader

here it is another good one: a land raider crusader recently painted for my friend Teo (the same fellow who owns Grimaldus and the Emperor's champion). i've not that much to say about it: i like painting space marines weapons red, the same i do for my Ultramarines. also: the flash fakes the light on the model but please notice the highlighting, one layer of tamiya german grey and another of citadel codex grey... citadel range needs an equivalent of that tamiya colour, perfect to highlight black models... thank god (?) we have vallejos.

PS: please also notice that the crusader weaponry is scratch built (the sucker who sold it managed to cheat my friend, so i did this job...) waddayathink?


  1. This is the finest model of my army! Besides it's painted incredibly well!!! I love it :-)
    But my enemies love it less, maybe becouse it carries 15 crazy psychopaths! muhahah : DDD

    thank you Engineer!



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