Thursday, 7 May 2009

More fantasy stuff: Norain Morak, dwarven sharpshooter

Here's the very first Reaper miniature ever painted by me: they called it 02062: Brock Battlebow by Sandra Garrity. I needed a dwarf with crossbow that is kinda weird in the D&D universe (as everybody knows, each and every dwarf has his axe and loves melee) because I had to represent an old character made with the AD&D Complete Book of Dwarfs that was a sort of dwarvish crossbow-man. This class was called sharpshooter, marksman or something like that.

Anyway i painted it with quite a dark skin because he is a golden dwarf (see Forgotten Realms campaign setting)... so, please say hello to Norain Morak! I had plenty of nice adventures with this character...

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