Friday, 8 May 2009

[poll] mordian guardsman

please check out the poll on the top of the right column and tell me which colour scheme you prefere between those two shown here, thanks!
a 10 men Mordian squad is gonna join my Valhallan army as a Veteran squad, a sort of decade long war survivors backed up by my Valhallans during some campaign still not clearly set in time and space...


  1. I don't like Mordians but these are painted very well! I prefer the first: the scheme is very good, the miniature is very beautiful!!!

    I have voted for the enchanted blue scheme!

  2. I've always like blue for Mordians. Too many green IG armies out there.

  3. Best Mordians I have seen are the ones over at Bell of lost souls, done up like US marine dress uniforms.

    I'm doing a Dark green and black scheme with my Mordians ( ). If your doing one squad of them, either stick with their Mordian Blue, or match them to your armies colors.



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