Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sagar, Shaundakul Cleric

This is my new cleric with which i'm gonna play a new D&D campaign this winter. the miniature precisely is Reaper's 03227: Garrett, Adventuring Cleric by Kevin Williams. I tried to paint him in a oldschool way, do you remember Elmore's fantasy paintings?

Anyway, his name is Sagar, there's already lots of story about him even if I didn't play yet with him. I'd like to type it down but I must save it for the sake of the narration, I don't want my buddies to find it here, no spoilers!

The heraldry on the shield is completely meaningless: i painted that double headed eagle because Shaundakul's symbol isn't that good, in my opinion. what do you think?


  1. Hey

    Iam looking for a miniature like that. if you are interedet in selling it, i will gladly buy it.

    Kind regard

  2. Thanks Daniel but this is not for sale. You can get an unpainted one here:

    best regards!



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