Monday, 2 November 2009

Fantasy Monday #1: Heroquest Chaos Warrior

today, november 2nd 2009, begins Fantasy Monday post series. as the name tells every monday i'll post some fantasy vintage miniature painted by me, just to break the sci-fi posting that can be a little boring if kept costant.

this monday i'll show you this Heroquest chaos warrior: it is painted in a quite unusual scheme: for the armour i used tin bitz highlighed with brazen brass on black basecoat. then the insignas and the cloth has been painted with an undercoat of regal blue and a highlight of enchanted blue. i wanted to paint the axe like a magical frost axe but soon i realized that the blue layers were too dark so i imagine this like a generic magical axe. the leather of the glove and the boots was painted black and softly highlighed with german grey because the classic brown leather would not suit the yellowish armour. the base has been painted with a dungeonlike stone blocks pattern and then glued with some flock in order to represent the musk of the humid enviroment.
do you like it?

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