Friday, 6 November 2009

old school land speeder mkII

this is an old model that i bought used. pretty nice but a real pain in the ass to build up and paint (oh gosh, can i write ass on my own blog?) since it is a whole metal kit so it needs a lot of green stuff to stick together and you gotta paint every piece separately if you want a decent result.
ultramarine blue was painted in the usual way (over a black basecoat):
1) regal blue basecoat
2) heavy drybrush with ultramarines blue
3) light drybrush with shadow grey (1st highlight)
4) light drybrush with space wolves grey, only on edges (2nd highlight)

then i painted the pilot like the sergeant of the squadron, his name's Lucius, and i gave him a shield, just to display the army badge. there's not that much to say about the gunner... just a plain space marine manning an heavy flamer.

above, the targeting gem: things to be proud of. any suggestion on how to enhance this model?
what about you? do you like old school models? do you prefere metal or plastic?

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