Saturday, 27 February 2010

kitbashing a plasma gunner

the plasma gunners saga continues! this time i made one taking bits here and there and above there is the result. legs are from tank accessories sprue, flask from cadian weapons platform, arms are from catachan guardsmen, plasma gun from space marines' sprue and head with fur beret from Pig Iron. i must sculpt the shoulder guards!


  1. I'd lose the Catachan arms and use Cadian, they are to thick and look out of place (mind you Ive ignored my own advice so feel free to ignore it as well) :P

  2. Yeah, that's one hell of a big gun! I likes it, I likes it a lot!

  3. Carry a big gun around, you get big arms. I've got one like this, but it isn't painted yet, and still headless.
    Instead of sculpting the shoulder guards, see if you can dig up some left overs from a SM Scout sprue. I've dug one off a Cadian arm sprue once.



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