Tuesday, 2 June 2009

new demolisher is here!

ok, it seems this goodie will come out in august at the same time of the hellhound... pretty snazzy isn't it? also it is said that with this kit it will be possible to build the executioner and the punisher. so, what do you want more? 3 variants in 1 box, comprensive of all weapons options... by the way, as you can see the turret and the weapons are restyled! yeah!


  1. It looks good - certainly the turret is very nice. I may end up going on a bits site and ordering a few of the sponson weapons.

    It's good that GW are moving towards having a complete range for each of their codices - instead of people who are more players than modellers being restricted in their army choices due to an incomplete line of miniatures.

  2. It's simply fantastic! I must have it!!!



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