Thursday, 18 June 2009

new imperial guard stuff

well, while surfing around i found those goodies up here... maybe someone is interested. of course, i am!
old colonel Straken is simply no match with the new one, isn't it? i'm officially fallen in love with the new leman russ turret, simply better than the old one. last but not least, i'm surely gonna buy that tank book because i'm trying to paint well my own but it's quite a challenge. GW is doing much better than many years ago, let's hope this behaviour is gonna last.


  1. Ooh, that turret does look very cool. And as far as half-naked steroid-guzzling men go, Straken is quite pretty.

    I'll definitely be grabbing hold of that tank book...

  2. Great find. Thanks for posting.

    I'm still not keen on the turret. I like the flatter look to it, but it sticks too far out the front. Nice punisher pic too. I had always pictured it with five barrels, which kept me from scratch building the gun. Now I'm thinking this could be an conversion from land speeder assault cannon.

    I'm still not happy with how I paint vehicles, so the book is very tempting...

  3. Straken is original and fantastic, i particularly like his bionics parts: they make him unique in the imperial guard.

    Even the new leman's turret is very nice, eheh how can we not do the inperial guard???



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