Monday, 5 April 2010

Fantasy Monday #3 (wip): Heroquest Evil Sorcerer

it has been a long time since the last Fantasy Monday so it's time to re-start! it will also be a smart thing to do to break all this sci-fi painting, i don't wanna get bored by my imperial guard so soon.
this miniature reminds me Skeletor from the cartoon HeMan (maybe names are different in UK or US editions, dunno) so i'm gonna paint it like that dude. for now i finished the skin.


  1. I think a Skeletor sorcer is just flat out awesome!

  2. Same name in England. I really liked this model, heroquest was the whole reason I got into warhammer. I think I have 3 sets of this game unpainted in the parent attic. Can't wait to see it painted.
    Can you do the fimir next It was a great model.



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