Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Valhallan plasma gunner WIP

as i said many times, classic imperial guard range is stunning but it lacks many things: about valhallans, one is plasma guns. this is a wip sculpt, based on a lasgun from which i removed muzzle and replaced it with a plastic space marine plasma pistol muzzle, then filled gaps with milliput. as i said it is still wip.
if you have any comments or suggestions, i'd be glad to read some!


  1. Looks good. How do you plan to model the 'milled' bit along the top - the bit that's often painted blue?

    I had fun converting grenade launchers for my 'classic' Cadians:

  2. isn't that part a battery or something? for now i don't know, maybe i'll simply sculpt it. really, dunno!

  3. I kit bashed Valhallan plasma gunners by trimming the front off of the flamer dude and chopping a plasma gun from the coils forward to replace it.

    It gives a nice "I hope it doesn't melt my face off" look to the firer.

  4. Nice. I used Praetorian flamers and the OOP plastic plasma pistol from the CCW blister to make plasma gunners. Unfortunately, I'm almost out of the pp bit. I may have to do something similar to this.



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