Friday, 14 May 2010

Flames of War: first post

i always liked ww2 militaria, films, books and whatever else since when i was just a kid. some time ago i found in my home this 1:72 Wehrmacht models, bought a pair of years ago when i went to London and i visited the Imperial War Museum (which is a really neat place to go if you are a militaria fanatic). i decided, even if they are too big, to use them like test models to learn how to play FoW, so i bought some spare bases and painted them: this is what i did.

in the picture above there is a command team from a german grenadier platoon, the equivalent for an imperial guard platoon command squad. it is a simple rifle team but i guess in the game i'll make it count as SMG/panzerfaust team or whatever else. these miniatures represent pretty well the basic german grenadiers who invaded Poland and France back in 1939-40 so i painted them codex grey as this was the early war uniform colour.

on the right side of the lieutenant helmet i painted nazi germany national emblem, an early war feature that disappeared due to war economy. the base has to be completed with come static grass i have not yet bought.
i can't wait to paint a whole army!

PS: as i said these are not official FoW miniatures. i used Italeri models. their scale is 1:72 (25mm) which is pretty different from the official 1:100 (15mm) but i don't care (for now).

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