Friday, 29 October 2010

Poll: Catachan Tiger camo scheme

ok, this stuff up here is for Teo's brand new army: Catachan imperial guard!
i'm doing some tests for the camo scheme. the idea is to stick with a early Vietnam tiger camo scheme, so horizontal black sharp stripes on a green background. the problem is: which green?! the choice is, respectively, between:
  1. snot green
  2. dark angels green
please vote in the poll box! thanks!

snot green 2
dark angels green 6
neither 2


  1. Hi! I voted for neither because in my opinion snot green and dark angels green look to artificial. My colour of choice for camo would be something more organic, something along the lines of Knarloc Green. Not sure how Vietnam camo is supposed to look but these are my 2 cents :)

  2. I would try the dark angels green with a highlight of goblin green. Or the knarloc green with a lighter highlight.

  3. I think The Antipope is right here, they both look artificial. try a matt colour.



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