Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vendetta camo scheme complete!

whoa... the end of a nightmare! you can't believe how frustrating can be painting a model this big with a poligonal camo scheme... by hand! so, if you ask me, go for masking and spray paints! let me tell you why this has been a nightmare:
  1. black basecoat
  2. Vallejo german grey undercoat
  3. heavy drybrush with codex grey (or Vallejo basalt grey)
  4. hand drawing of the poligonal spots with watered down black paint
  5. drybrush of the spots with Vallejo german grey
in one word: hellish! basically the problem was drawing neatly on the Vendetta surface all those spots...

if you are interested in, this scheme has been "stolen" from an italian aircraft camo scheme in use during ww2 in temperate/desert areas, so i adapted it for urban scenarios and made it more poligonal.

hope you like it. the next steps are the pilots, weapons and insignas... that's gonna be much easier.
hey, i just remembered that tonight i dreamt freddy kruger!


  1. Camo scheme looks awesome. Glad to see all the hard work has paid off!

  2. it may have been hellish, but the result is Excellent! Love it!



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