Monday, 26 October 2009

31st Harakoni Leman Russ Battle Tank

i never knew that Harakon's Imperial Guard might own any Leman Russ battle tank but i guess it's never too late to learn something new :-)
this is a commission work for my friend Nick who owns a Harakoni army, painted in the classical khaki poligonal camo scheme: i primed the model with chaos black spray, then drybrushed the whole tank with a very dark grey: vallejo model color German Grey (70995) in order to have a soft highlight on the armour plates. doing this with citadel's Codex grey would give a too hard highlight for a camo scheme. then i painted the polygonal spots with Fortress Grey all over the tank, as explained on the "how to paint Citadel tanks" book (an invaluable resource of course, if you feel yourself more painter than gamer, you should buy it, or at least download). the grey spots were painted with vallejo game color khaki (that is the equivalent for citadel Kommando Khaki) and then i gave them some shadow with a wash of scorched brown , of course very watered down. the final step of the camo scheme was correcting the errors made before with khaki. the spots received no highlight because i found khaki pretty nice as it was.

on the left side of the turret you can see the tank number: 831 (8 for the 8th armoured company, 3 for third squadron and 1 for first tank, so this is a squadron commander, the skull icon on the left stands exactly for this).

the hull gun's shell shows a killcount: many nice shots for that gunner.

this shot shows the commander's (called Morden) personal heraldry, a simple axe shaped icon taken from imperial guard tank decals. on the rear of the turret and on the front of the tank you can see the army badge, taken from space marines decals.

i added to the model a resin Krieg tank commander in order to enhance the fact that this is a command tank. also, Nick magnetized the sponsons. as many of you may have seen, the main weapon is a Conqueror cannon but it counts as a battlecannon in 40k games. the turret is a Forgeworld's Gryphonne IV pattern i guess.
that's all for now!

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