Monday, 11 May 2009

plastic thunderhawk sighted!

not that much to say: it will cost around 100$... thoughts?


  1. At 100 it is the standard super heavy plastic cost. I will probably pick one up for my semi annual apoc games. I just worry about transporting my thunderhawk transport.

  2. Did the rumors out of Games Day Baltimore already state that a plastic Thunderhawk was not possible? Where did the picture come from?

  3. It's from about an year that i hear rumors about a plastic Thunderhawk, finally it comes! It's a very bautiful model, unfortunately he can use only in apocalypse!

  4. Hey, did you get this information from I only ask because I wrote a joke post about a plastic t-hawk, and that's the same price and picture that I used. Non voglio essere scortese, solo volevo sapere. Se hai sentito qualcosa di un altro sito, fammi sapere. Grazie!

  5. so it's a fake news? WTF!
    che scherzo del ca2zo



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